Saturday, May 23, 2009

Latest True Crime Book

My latest book--The Rough Guide to True Crime--has hit the Internet stands--but not yet the physical book shelves. It always catches my breath for a sec when I see one of my books for the first time ('course, when I hold an actual copy in my hand--the real thing--that's a feeling that's tough to put into words). It's "a complete compilation of crime's most notorious villains, heinous acts and shocking misdemeanors" (to use the publisher's words). Penguin Books did an excellent job on the cover. Thus far, it's the lengthiest book I've written--a whopping 135,000 words--and it took a while to get it done. I write books in my spare time, so I didn't get a lot of sleep toward the end as the deadline hit. But I'm happy with the end product. It will be sold in the U.K. in supermarkets and book stores and in the U.S. at book sellers and also in airports. It's scheduled for release on Aug. 31. It's being presold here on

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