Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Suge Knight Shooting

No hints of fresh bickering between rival rappers were observed before the early morning Sunday shooting of gangster rap producer Marion "Suge" Knight, Miami police have said. Suge was shot in the upper right leg at a party the day before MTV's Video Music Awards hosted by rapper Kanye West. Witnesses said Knight was shot while sitting at a table in the VIP room at the Shore Club when a man walked up and opened fire. But that's all witnesses are saying. They're not talking, reportedly because they don't trust the police. Suge's not talking either (no suprise there). And members of his entourage aren't talking (certainly no surprise there). No shells were found (but it's assumed people at the party trampled over them). Eventually it will come out as to who was behind the shooting.


George said...

hello I read both of your books about the killing of Tupac and Big. I was wondering why the autopsy picture was so unprofessional and where are the other pictures. If you know the source You should release the other pictures. In a real autopsy theres at least 10 photos. email me a

Cathy Scott said...

Hello, George--
Autopsy photos are not taken with commercial cameras and are not taken by photographers. They're taken with low-grade cameras typically used by every-day people in 1996. Also, more than one camera was in the coroner's examining room that day. Detectives and examiners take the photos that are used for their records. That's all. That also is standard procedure by medical examiners across the country. I was given one original autopsy photo. The others (typically around six to 10) are on file at both the coroner's office and the police department. Thanks for your comment. --Cathy

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying reading your books! . . . can't wait until your next one is out.

Fran in San Diego.