Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Tale of Plagiarism: So Avoidable, So Detectable

By Cathy Scott

Nothing is worse for an author than opening a book and discovering passages from your own work used as if they were that author’s words.

This just happened to me with someone else’s newly released book. 
Read complete piece here, on ForbesWoman blog Crime, She Writes.


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All About Children's Books said...

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David Richy said...

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John Martinez Pavliga said...

How ironic. That's exactly how I felt when I visited your blog and found my photos from Somalia and Kenya with YOUR byline. I was the Air Force public affairs specialist who escorted you to those countries in 1991/92. A Google search showed a few of my photos from that trip on your blog, and it was quite a shock to see that not only did you fail to give me credit, but you actually posted "Photos by Cathy Scott."

It takes quite a bit of gall to complain about someone ripping you off when you've done precisely that to me.

John Smith said...

Oh SHIT! Busted!

Anonymous said...

Really? You think nothing is worse than feeling plagiarized? Try the feeling of being "erased"! Remember when you (using the username “AuthorAuthor” on wikipedia) purposely erased someone’s factual wikipedia information, so that you could get on someone in Hollywood’s good side (all to get a leg up in the entertainment industry)? The person in Hollywood was doing his best to erase his past/what he had done to the other party, and his guilt, and you joined him in his efforts (even after you had named the person who you were going to attack “a friend” in an article for publicity for one of your books). I guess your efforts payed off, as you ended up having the Hollywood connection direct a script based on one of your books. The universe is filled with irony…and karma Cathy. Good luck to you, and all other parties involved who tried to hurt and "erase" an innocent and decent person; you'll need it.

Unknown said...

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